//The Camillias: A Dream With Wings Ebook

The Camillias: A Dream With Wings Ebook


The Camillias: A Dream With Wings Ebook

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Three energetic friends looking for fun and a time to remember find themselves caught in a place they will never forget. Merrick, a good boy and son, dreams of exploring the world with his new wings, but because of his new friend everyone calls Know-It-All, Merrick decides not to wait for the much-needed training before going out into the world. Know-It-All comes up with the plan of plans, so he thinks, but his plans quickly turns to deception when his brother’s friend named Butler takes their journey to a whole other place by striking a deal with the villainous and evil cat Wicka to fool the young group of birds to his house of doom. Along the way Merrick and Know-It-All meet two girls who want to join them on their adventure, but this could turn out to be a big mistake. Will the rambunctious young friends find what they’re looking for, or will what they’re looking for find them in a place of no escape?


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